Riders and Rules | Jimmy and Martin




In a world where the fearful noises

distract us all from hearing our inner voices.

What is truth? And what is not?

Or are those tyrants trying to keep us scared and caged flocks?


Let this new road, new rise, new ride be unlocked.

Let’s walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

but let us never feel evil. But conquer it.

In the west they believe they’re the best,

but in the east we’re a completely different beast.

For each and every one of us are the makers of our destinies.

Born from the alliance of our ancestors,

our spirits are never broken but united in brotherhood.

Stand as one and you’ll be defeated.


But together as a pack we are unbreakable.

Unshakeable. Victorious we stand

Let us not go back in darkness but welcome this new roaring frontier.



Craftmanship is the spine of our identity

The engine for our immortality

For it is glory to craftsmanship

That endures the wrath of time



Artisans vanish one by one

As is Nature's custom

But their inner beauty

Remains in their laboured art.


A masterful stroke of hand

Guided by divine power

This is where true art gives birth

and touches the communities around us.

A coalition between hand, heart and spirit

A jacket, a choice, higher than any holy grail.


The ride of life is a precious thing,

we never know when we’re going to lose it.

Live this life while you can rider,

because you never know which second is going to be your last. 



I ride my stallion with honor and freedom

Gliding through concrete jungles and dangers

Before I start my engine. I know where I am going

I am one with my hog. Like a star we are united with power and speed


We ride

To fly

To feel

To rebel

To lead

To prove all those bastards wrong

To belong

To feel strong