RR Holt Flame Glove
RR Holt Flame Glove
RR Holt Flame Glove

RR Holt Flame Glove

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Introducing our “hotter” version of Holt Glove that engineered with precision and crafted from selected fabrics. These gloves are designed with breathability in mind, allowing air circulation to keep your hand cool and dry, no matter how challenging the journey.

The spandex material used in these gloves offers excellent flexibility and elasticity, enabling users to easily press buttons or operate touchscreens while wearing the gloves. Meanwhile, the amara material used on the palm and fingers provides effective protection against scratches and impacts while riding a motorcycle.

These gloves also feature excellent ventilation, keeping hands dry and preventing excessive sweating even during prolonged use. Additionally, their lightweight and sleek design make them suitable for wearing in hot and humid weather conditions typical of tropical climates.

With the combination of high-quality spandex and amara materials, as well as a comfortable and functional design, these gloves are the perfect choice for motorcycle riders seeking both protection and comfort during their rides in tropical climates.

- Shell Material - Polyester Spandex 400GR
- Palm Material - Synthetic Amara

* Some phone may be not supported.(depends on the type of sensitivity screen and phone. Some brand can be not supported at all).

Treatment :
- Silicon printed logo (black) on body (shell)
- Silicon printed (black) for grip and brake lever